28 May 2007

what does fiscal '08 have in store for this guy?

At work today we had a fiscal '08 forecast meeting.

In my mind I started to apply the yardsticks by which we measure success at work to my own life.

Will I meet or exceed my targets in fiscal '08? Which way am I trending in fiscal '08? I don't know.

Joan can't even understand the concept of the fiscal year. To be honest, she only recently wrapped her head around a conventional calendar. Cath is trending well in fiscal '08. She is officially a lawyer now. She is at, like, 163% of target right now. Cath was beautiful at her bar ceremony. She wore barrister's robes. She could put the SYSTEM on trial, if she wanted to.

Does my buying a new jacket constitute some degree of success in fiscal '08? Or, does the failure of my previous jacket say anything re: the potential liability of my aging infrastructure? I need to be more pro-active in fiscal '08, that's for sure.

What does fiscal '08 have in store for this guy? For any of us?

20 May 2007

weekend update.

Cath and I went to the Joel Plaskett Emerency show at the Commodore on Friday.

I almost got into a fight with a member of the Alpha Sigma Douchebag fraternity when I bumped into his shoulder on the floor in front of the stage. Keep in mind that the Commodore is a concert hall that holds one-thousand people, and that this was a rock show. We didn't get a photo in the heat of the moment, but this is rough approximation of what he looked like:

Cath diffused the situation by asking him what kind of hair gel he used or something. But I couldn't help wondering - how would these guys like it if nerds like me started showing up at Nickelback or Three Days Grace shows?

I'm going to start going to the gym and monopolizing all the free weights. This is an all out turf war, bitches.

09 May 2007

Dan and Ed can turn you on to some great music!

My brother Dan and my friend Ed Peters really have a broad knowledge base when it comes to country music. They have recently turned me on to an artist by the name of JAN TERRI that first made waves on the country and western scene a few years back. Below is her 1993 video for the song "Baby Blues." This song was a minor hit with country music purists in the early 90's, and I only wish I could have known about it at the time. For country music fans, JAN TERRI is an artist on par with the Kurt Cobains of the mainstream music world.

Thanks Dan and Ed.

05 May 2007

a story.

A pioneer family, the Smith family, were traveling across the prairies in a horse drawn carriage to find some land and start a new life. Only the wife got trampled by some stampeding buffalo when she was down washing some shirts near the river. The family were heartbroken, of course, but they had to continue on. And John Smith, he had three young daughters to care for now, and he wasn’t about to give up. There were some tough times, for sure, and some humourous times too, like when John had to figure out how to braid the girls’ hair etc., but they got through it.

Then one night this Indian woman fell off her horse outside that log cabin that John Smith had built and she had a broken arm etc., so being the kindhearted people that they were, the Smith family took her in and nursed her back to health. And they started calling the Indian Sunflower, on account of she had a sunflower design on her moccasins. Even though she couldn’t speak the white man’s language, you guessed it, they became one big happy family, and Sunflower got healthy and she and John Smith fell in love. She even learned a bit of English! Well, her father, Chief something, had assumed for eight months that his daughter was dead, but then her old boyfriend, a very handsome Indian, was riding out on the range and he saw Sunflower living with the Smith family, and he reported it to the chief. The chief rode over there right away, and it took almost four days riding, and he could speak some English, so he said that he was grateful to John Smith for caring for his daughter, but that she could not love a white man because she had to be queen of the tribe, and keep their tribe’s heritage alive or some such thing.

Anyways, it took some time, but eventually John Smith won over the chief, and he and Sunflower moved over with John’s daughters to Indian country and they all shared their knowledge and actually created this great irrigation system to grow corn more efficiently. And John’s daughters did this cute thing where they painted their faces Indian style and everybody laughed.