26 February 2006

this ain't nothing.

  • this is something

  • hit on the "the big finale" link when you get there.


    thanks be to the east coast for hosting us in epic fashion for the past ten days.
    here's what we like about eagles.

    1. their colour

    2. the they way they soar.

    3. their majesty.

    4. what they stand for!

    and also...

    15 February 2006

    east coast vs. west coast

    t- minus 24 hours to lift off.

    12 February 2006

    Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards

    As I sit here watching pairs rhythmic luge, I find myself yearning for a simpler time in Olympic history, a time when Eddie the Eagle captured our hearts and some serious air time.

    Speaking of Olympic champions, I scaled the podium a couple of times at the Jolly Alderman last night. Drunk bar trivia may only be a demonstration sport this year, but I'll see you in Vancouver in 2010, bitches.

    09 February 2006

    Harlem vs. Tigers Sunday @ 5:30pm North Shore

    you know what that means...

    bad news for the tigers, y'all.

    08 February 2006


    go to http://www.PetitionOnline.com/RDE/ and sign the petition.

    please pass this on to all the democracy fans you know.

    07 February 2006

    trois freres magnifiques!

    yes, we are three brothers.

    we dip our toes in the mighty pacific.

    we make plays so beautiful that our opponents begin to weep.

    apparently, we all work at 'medieval times' restaurant.

    brotherly love is the greatest love of all.

    06 February 2006

    meanwhile, up on brokeback...

    like bogart and bacall, or brad and angelina, there is something here too powerful to ignore.

    "ain't nobody's business but our own."

    pretty girls.

    oh yeah.

    cabin fever, y'all.

    east coast.

    i once again reccommend taking PRE - game "friendly" photos.
    unless you WANT photos of a bloodied, beaten, and demoralized crew.

    just a thought. keep it real.

    little lord fauntleroy

    around the house recently we have taken to calling arns little lord fauntleroy. he likes it. this picture is how he feels when we call him that.

    What's that smell? DEMOCRACY!

    In a stunning slap in the face to all constituents in the Vancouver-Kingsway riding, recently re-elected (and photogenic, don't you think?) Liberal M.P. David Emerson has decided to cross the floor and join Stephen Harper and friends. This despite having been elected as a Liberal only TWO WEEKS AGO. Ah yes, democracy at work.