23 October 2006


Please allow me to introduce Joan.

Full name is Joan Rivers Mix-Graham.

Likes? So far, scratching the hell out of things, hiding under the couch.

Dislikes? Car rides.

We bought Joan at a pet store on Burrard Street. She cost more than our microfiber loveseat, which is ironic because she is destroying the microfiber loveseat as I write this.

Joan is a blue point Himalayan cat. She may live to be 20 years old, unless she jumps off the balcony while we are at work tomorrow.

I wonder if Joan likes me? What will Joan do all day?

I keep thinking about how Joan has never tasted any fried foods. Would Joan like fried foods?

Yes, Joan is truly a blank canvas. Godspeed, Joan.

20 October 2006

high school reunion.

This guy took a picture of himself every day for six years. It seems especially poignant as I head to my ten year high school reunion on Saturday.

Yes sir, one day closer to the old GR.

Oh well.