12 February 2006

Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards

As I sit here watching pairs rhythmic luge, I find myself yearning for a simpler time in Olympic history, a time when Eddie the Eagle captured our hearts and some serious air time.

Speaking of Olympic champions, I scaled the podium a couple of times at the Jolly Alderman last night. Drunk bar trivia may only be a demonstration sport this year, but I'll see you in Vancouver in 2010, bitches.


Anonymous said...

Eddie is a strange memory to me. As a child I remember his existence, but I don't remember whi I remember him. I know now that he was famous for being a loser, and a loser of heroic preportions, and since I was British, I was supposed to identify with him. Somethingt to do with an ideal of British heroism in the face of insurmountable odds. The heroism of the doomed. Like Captain Scott at the South Pole, or the guy who sought out the northwest passage and died with his crew in the northern winter, the British weren't designed for icy climates, yet we continue to make heroes of those who perish in them.

Canada is in many ways the missing part of the British national character. Canadians have strength where we have weakness; they remind us of what we are supposed to stand for. Canada is Britain's conscience, and they fucked us in the curling.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that last message was me.