08 March 2006

The Wilson Moot, 2006

Ah, yes, it's here again kids!

The big Wilson Moot 2006.

This young, attractive team from Queen's University has to be your hands down favourite, with inspiration coming from the scholarly guidance of Professor Kathleen Lahey (pictured above). Also undeniable has been the influence of chief researcher/irrepressible scamp Catherine Graham (pictured below). Graham's wily book smarts combined with Lahey's street fighting prowess make this year's K-Town contingent your team to beat.

Add to that the potential appearance of such Limestone City luminaries as Associate Dean Arthur Cockfield and legendary heartthrob Dave Suchon, and this has all the makings of a classic.

But remember, kids... What happens at the Wilson Moot, STAYS at the Wilson moot.

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Anonymous said...

Associate Dean Cockfield will be there? Well one would think then that they MUST be considered top dogs when The Top Dog himself is going to be there, that ol' sunnuvabitch.. PBIII