10 April 2006

gorms likes cardinals.

Here is a picture of Gorms holding his pet cardinal, Jeff.

There are three things Gorms really likes about Jeff:

1) His nesting instinct
2) The way he helps control the silkworm population
3) His plumage

Due to his disdain for the eagle, Gorms has been banned from the upcoming Easter Extreme Camping Adventure and Wildie Hunt, or EECAWH.

Say that acronym loudly. "EECAWH! EECAWH!" Sounds like an eagle to me.


Anonymous said...

I propose that I.Gorms receive a lifetime ban from all EECAWH- sponsored events, including, but not limited to, all future Wildie Hunts and Wildie Watching Tours (WWT's) for his blasphemous comments RE: EAGLES, EAGLERS, AND EAGLING, on 04/10/2006, effective immediately.
In addition, to take it one step further, I propose all Cardinalers and all those who enjoy Cardinaling and the Cardinalling Arts, should also be banned from ever taking part in an EECAWH-sponsored event.
Respectfully Yours,
Prince Brother III

Anonymous said...

Where'd you get a cardinal?