16 July 2006

the new loveseat.

i can't sleep right now. i often have trouble sleeping, but this time it is for a legitimate reason. the new loveseat is being delivered tomorrow!

it is made of 'microfiber,' which means it is highly stain resistant. i will probably watch some great television from the comfort of my new microfiber loveseat. if i melt cheese on a bagel i will eat it on the loveseat, maybe with a bottle of beer.

when it arrives, i wonder, how will my life be different? will i sit more, or will i just sit differently? hard to say. one thing that i think i will do is sit up straight. i can't picture myself slouching as much as i do on our current old couch. but this may pass, as i become familiar with the loveseat.

yes, the loveseat will be here tomorrow. it really is hard to believe.


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