15 August 2006

I broke my ankle.

They have fitted me with a robocop-esque boot cast for the next six weeks. I have been sent from the future to look out for truth and justice, etc.

Catherine specific info: please pick up an exfoliating stone and some anti-odour foot cast powder on the way home from work. Bring on the spongebaths!

Sympathy calls appreciated/expected.

Also, I am planning on doing some Jimmy Stewart in 'Rear Window' type voyeurism over the next six weeks from the balcony at the apartment. Does anyone have some high-powered binoculars I could borrow? Does anyone have the number for Meals On Wheels?


Sonnia said...

I knew it was broken! Damn. I'm going to be an amazing doctor, I don't even need X-ray results to just know.
ps: hope your leg heals fast and its not too painful. Can you still be a Power Smart leader with a gibbled leg?

fitlhy soapbox said...

damn, that is some straight-up bad-idea-jeans. sorry to hear about your ankle. at least your other ankle is safe...for now...

i'm going to send you a get-well-soon fruit basket, that is unless those are two expensive. i'm budgeting $5 for the purchase and expedition of said fruit - I don't know if this will be enough...will keep you posted if i need to borrow some cash (I mean it is your fruit after all).

to the max,

Dan R.