21 September 2006

news & tributes

first, this man installed a new stereo into our 1990 Honda Civic.

he did a nice job, and we are grateful to him for it. my commute now has a beat that just won't back down.

second, the new Sloan record came out on Tuesday. it is great.

there is a song on there, called 'Set In Motion,' that I think you will like. there are a lot of other good songs, too.

is this the season of good records or something? The Dears 'Gang of Losers' also came out recently. it is so good that you'll wish you were associated with it, in some way.

cath and I went to see Final Fantasy at ubc on Tuesday night. it was the best show that I have ever seen that incorporated an overhead projector into it, along with the looping of violin parts. before the show we ate in the "sub" which is the cool way that students say 'student union building.' cath kept getting confused between "sub" meaning 'student union building' and "sub" meaning sandwich. it was kind of embarrassing.

tonight my friend and co-worker Jon Sanders has invited to me to see a "performance" by a disc jockey called Z-Trip. apparently, this Z-Trip fellow takes pre-recorded songs and "mixes" them together, creating an entirely new sound that is pleasing to the ears. we'll see, Jon. we'll see.

i have a new job. if you must refer to me in a professional capacity, please use 'key accounts rep.' as in, i am personally responsible for MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT.

my ankle has almost healed. the body's regenerative power is truly humbling - not! should this really have taken six weeks? i have been making sarcastic comments to my body the entire time - things like "nice job healing, guy."

finally, i am awaiting the arrival of a new cellular phone. my current cellular phone has not been working for quite some time - apparently it has been having difficulty bouncing digital signals off of a satellite, or something. have any of my acquaintances even noticed that I am incommunicado?

stay cool forever,


Gormsey said...


congrats on the new job. i got reallly drunk a few weeks ago and called your phone cause the bar we were at were playing "underwelmed."
if you heard the message it was just the song super loud.
- gorms
ps: yads stache is fantastic

Anonymous said...

I've started listening to Sloan since coming Japan, maybe i'll check out the new album if i spot it. It'll probably have bonus tracks as well(just like pretty much all of the other Japanese versions of american bands, lucky jerks).

p.s. I left you a present in your work Email, i hope that's alright.

Sonnia said...

I had to add to the PSO comment zone. Well done on the new job, here's hoping you can handle "more than one account". ;) I have also been listening to Sloan, bits here and there. I guess you can say, I've been inspired to expand my musical horizons *single tear*
Props from the brown desert.