23 October 2006


Please allow me to introduce Joan.

Full name is Joan Rivers Mix-Graham.

Likes? So far, scratching the hell out of things, hiding under the couch.

Dislikes? Car rides.

We bought Joan at a pet store on Burrard Street. She cost more than our microfiber loveseat, which is ironic because she is destroying the microfiber loveseat as I write this.

Joan is a blue point Himalayan cat. She may live to be 20 years old, unless she jumps off the balcony while we are at work tomorrow.

I wonder if Joan likes me? What will Joan do all day?

I keep thinking about how Joan has never tasted any fried foods. Would Joan like fried foods?

Yes, Joan is truly a blank canvas. Godspeed, Joan.


Alaina said...

I have to say, love the cat, loving the name, feel your pain on the scratching of the couch and for poor Joan getting her hate on for car rides... the best is yet to come! Miss you both!

Alison said...

I used these on my old cat: http://www.softpaws.com/

They come in different colours!